Tsu-Ching Yeh M.D.

General Internal Medicine
Medical Team: Intensive Care

Current Title

  • Senior Member, Division of General Internal Medicine, 2006-present


  • Internal medicine
  • Critical medicine
  • Cardiology
  • ECFMG passed

Clinical Interests

  • Internal medicine
  • Cardiology

Languages Spoken

  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Taiwanese
  • English

Education and Training

1971-1978 National Defense Medical Center, Taiwan, Medicine
1980-1984 Air Force General Hospital, MD, Medicine
1985 Air Force General Hospital, CR
1986-2003 Fellowship, Air Force General Hospital
1986-1987 Fellowship, Tri-Service General Hospital, Taiwan
1988-1989 Research Fellowship, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA, USA
1998-2000 Tulane University, New Orleans, LA, USA, MPH

Professional Experience

1989-1998 Director, Cardiology Department and Critical Care Unit, Air Force General Hospital
1998-2000 Director, Internal Medicine Department, Air Force General Hospital
2000-2003 Director, Department of Medicine, Military Shun-Shang General Hospital, Taiwan
2003-2006 Director, Military Hsing-Tsu Hospital, Taiwan
2006-present Attending Physician and Senior Member, Cardiology and Critical Care Department of General Internal Medicine, Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center, Taiwan

 Professional Memberships

  • Member, Taiwan Society of Critical Care Medicine
  • Member, Taiwan Society of Internal Medicine
  • Member, Taiwan Society of Cardiology

Selected Recent Publications

  1. Tsu-Ching Yeh, et al: Cardiac Doppler Assessment of Left and Right Ventricular Filling Velocity in Human Fetuses, Acta Cardiol. Sin. 3:81-86, 1987.
  2. Tsu-Ching Yeh: 24-hr Ambulatory BP Monitor Examination Taken in Hospitalized Patients Diagnosed with Mild Hypertension in Out-Patient-Department. (abstract) 8th Asean Congress of Cardiology Singapore 7~11 December 1990.
  3. Tsu-Ching Yeh: Anti-Hypertensive, Metabolic, ECG and Chest X-Ray Effect of Bisoprolol on Essential Hypertension. (abstract) The 10th Asian-Pacific Congress of Cardiology Seoul Korea October 6-11, 1991.
  4. Tsu-Ching Yeh: The Correlation between Ambulatory Blood Pressure after Hospitalized and LV Mass Index in Mild Hypertension (abstract) 9th Asean Congress of Cardiology Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. July 4-7, 1992.
  5. Tsu-Ching Yeh, et al: Effect of Dipyridamole on Platelet Number. (abstract)The 2th International Symposium on Multiple Risk Factors in Cardiovascular Disease. Osaka Japan October 5-8, 1992.
  6. Tsu-Ching Yeh: The Correlation between Diastolic Function of LV and blood pressure in Hypertension. (abstract) Republic of China Society of Cardiology, The 23th Annual Scientific Session. Taipei May 1-2, 1993.
  7. 葉祖青: 高血壓患者之左心室舒張功能與年齡有關而非與左心室肥厚度或血壓值有關(摘要)中華民國內科醫學會82年年會暨學術討論會。台卝市Sept 25-26, 1993.
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