Nai-Liang Li M.D.

Medical Team: Breast Cancer

Current Title

  • Associate Member, Department of Anesthesiology, 2005-present


  • General anesthesia
  • Postoperative analgesia

Clinical Interests

  • Acute pain management
  • Outcome study on breast surgery
  • Minimally invasive esphagectomy
  • Fluid therapy during major abdominal surgery

Languages Spoken

  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Hakka
  • English

 Education and Training

9/1987-6/1994 National Taiwan University, Taiwan, MD, Medicine
8/1994-7/1998 Residency, Anesthesiology, National Taiwan University Hospital, Taiwan
8/2010-9/2010 Clinical Observership, Duke University Hospital, Durham, NC, USA

Professional Experience

1998-present Attending Physician, Anesthesiology, Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center, Taiwan

Professional Memberships

  • Member, Taipei Medical Association, 1994-present
  • Member, Taiwan Society of Anesthesiologists, 1998-present
  • Member, International Anesthesia Research Society, 2010-present
  • Member, American Society of Anesthesiologists, 2010-present

Selected Publications

  1. The effect on improvement of recovery and pain scores of paravertebral block immediately before breast surgery.Nai-Liang Li, Ben-Long Yu, Shiang-Chung Tseng, Che-Chang Hsu, Wei-Ju Lai, Pei-Fang Hsieh, Wen-Ling Peng, Chii-Ming Chen. Acta anaesthesiologica Taiwanica. 09/2011; 49(3):91-5.
  2. A simple, innovative way to reduce rhinitis symptoms after sedation during endoscopy.Nai-Liang Li, Shiang-Chung Tseng, Che-Chang Hsu, Wei-Ju Lai, Hung-Chang Su, Tsun-I Cheng, Wei-Chun Chen, Wen-Ling Peng. Canadian journal of gastroenterology. 02/2011; 25(2):68-72.
  3. Comparison of hemodynamics and recovery of sevoflurane and isoflurane anesthesia in Chinese adult patients.T L Chen, S F Yang, H C Chang, Y T Tai, N L Li, C J Lin. Acta anaesthesiologica Sinica. 03/1998; 36(1):31-6.


  1. A simple, innorative way to reduce rhinitis symptoms after sedation during endoscopy. Nai-Liang Li, Shiang-Chung Tseng, Che-Chang Hsu, Wei-Ju Lai, Hung-Chang Su, Tsun-I Cheng, Wei-Chun Chen, Wen-Ling Peng. TSA Annual Meeting 2010
  2. The Effect on Improved Recovery and Pain Scores Using Paravertebral Block before Breast Surgery.Nai-Liang Li, Ben-Long Yu, Shiang-Chung Tseng, Che-Chang Hsu, Wei-Ju Lai, Pei-Fang Hsieh, Wen-Ling Peng, Chii-Ming Chen.TSA Annual Meeting 2011
  3. Pleural Puncture of an Epidural Catheter in a Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery – a Case Report. Nai-Liang Li, Chia-Chuan Liu, Yong Alison Wang, Wen-Ling Peng.  TSA Annual Meeting 2011
  4. The Early Clinical Effectiveness of Combined Paravertebral Block and Subcostal Transversus Abdominis Plane Block in Minimally Invasive Esophagectomy. Nai-Liang Li, Chen-Fang Hung, Wen-Ling Peng, Chia-Chuan Liu.TSA Annual Meeting 2012
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