Ih Hsin Chen M.D.

Medical Team: Neuro-Oncology

Current Title

  • Attending Physician, Division of Neurosurgery, 1998-present


  • Neurosurgery
  • Neurospinal disorders
  • Spinal biomechanics

Clinical Interests

  • General neurosurgery

Languages Spoken

  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Taiwanese
  • English

Education and Training

9/1975-6/1982 National Taiwan University, Taiwan, MD, Medicine

Professional Experience

4/1988-11/1993 Attending Physician, Neurosurgery, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Tatiwan
11/1993-7/1998 Chief, Neurosurgery, Taipei City Hospital, Zhongxiao Branch, Taiwan
8/1998-present Senior Member, Neurosurgery, Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center, Taiwan

Professional Memberships

  • Member, Taiwan Neurosurgical Society
  • Member, Taiwan Surgical Association
  • Member, Taiwan Neurospinal Society

Selected Publications

  1. Ureteral injury secondary to lumbar disc surgery. Ih-Hsin Chen, Chun-I Huang, Yi-Hong Chou, Ming-Tsan Chen. J Surgical Association ROC 1989 22; 2:165-167.
  2. Hemifacial spasm associated with double compression of facial nerve by benign tumor and tortuous cerebellar artery. Ih-Hsin Chen, Chun-I Huang, Liang-Shong Lee, Mu-Hou Teng, Donald M. Ho. J Surgical Association ROC 1989, 22;1:64-68.
  3. Microvascular decompression for hemifacial spasm: Indication of reoperation and results in 290 cases.Chun-I Huang, Ih-Hsin Chen, Liang-Shong Lee. J Surgical Association ROC 1991, 24;1:600-605.
  4. Microvascular decompression for hemifacial spasm: Analyses of operative findings and results in 310 patients.Chun-I Huang, Ih-Hsin Chen, Liang-Shong Lee. Neurosurgery 1992, 30:53-57.
  5. Diverse applications of continuous lumbar drainage of cerebrospinal fluid in neurosurgical patients. CI Huang, MC Huang, IH Chen, LS Lee. Annals Academy of Medicine 1993, 22(S):456-458.
  6. Tobacco intolerance in a habitual smoker with cervical myelopathy. KK Liao, TH Ju, SJ Wang, IH Chen, ZA Wu.Neurology 1993, 43:1435.
  7. Traumatic atlantoaxial distractive instability: Case report. Chun-I Huang, Ih-Hsin Chen, Liang-Shong Lee. J Trauma 1994, 36(4):599-600.
  8. Kinematics of the cervical spinal canal: Changes with sagittal plane loads. Ih-Hsin Chen, Anita Vasaveda, Manohar Panjabi. J Spinal Disorder 1994, 7(2):93-101.
  9. Biomechanical evaluation of spinal stability after intervertebral disc injury with a compact porcine model. Ih-Hsin Chen, Chun-I Huang, Liang-Shong Lee. J Clin Neuroscience 1994, 1(2):121-124.
  10. Measurement of Chinese lumbar pedicles: With special reference to transpedicular screw fixation. Ih-Hsin Chen, Chien-Hung Hou, Chun-I Huang, Liang-Shong Lee.Chinese Medical Journal (Taipei) 1994, 53:351-356.
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  13. Is ethnicity a predisposing factor to low back pain? (Letter). Ih-Hsin Chen. Spine 1994,19(10): 1193-1194.
  14. Double intraspinal enterogenous cysts. I H Chen, K P Kao, I W Penn, D M Ho. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 1995, 58(1):110-111
  15. Treatment of hyperhidrosis palmaris with thoracoscopic sympathectomy. Ih-Hsin Chen, Chun-I Huang, Kwang-Kum Liao. Asian J Surgery 1995, 18(1):70-73.
  16. Ossified spinal meningioma en plaque. Ih-Hsin Chen, Chun-I Huang, I-Wen Penn. Asian J Surgery 1996, 19(2):162-163.
  17. Biomechanical evaluation of subcortical vs. bicortical screw purchase in anterior cervical plating. Ih-Hsin Chen. Acta Neurochir 1996, 138:167-173.
  18. Atlantoaxial arthrodesis using Halifax interlaminar clamps reinforced by halo vest immobilization. Chun-I Huang, Ih-Hsin Chen. Neurosurgery 1996, 38(6):1153-1157
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