Cheng Jen Wang M.D.

Medical Team: Neuro-Oncology, Pain Control, Palliative Care

Current Title

  • Attending Physician, Division of Neurosurgery, 1997-present


  • Brain tumors
  • Pain control
  • Port-related surgery

Clinical Interests

  • General neurosurgery

Languages Spoken

  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Taiwanese
  • English

Education and Training

9/1982-6/1989 National Taiwan University, Taiwan, MD, Medicine
7/1989-10/1995 Residency, Neurosurgery, National Taiwan University Hospital, Taiwan
11/1995-10/1997 Fellowship, Neuro-Oncology, Duke University, Durham, NC, USA

Professional Experience

11/1997-12/2003 Attending Physician, Neurosurgery, Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center, Taiwan
1/2004-present Senior Member, Neurosurgery, Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center, Taiwan

Professional Memberships

  • Member, Taiwan Neurosurgical Society
  • Member, Taiwan Surgical Association
  • Member, Taiwan Hospice Organization

Selected Publications

Referred Papers:

  1. Wang CJ, Kau MF, Tu YK, Lin SM: Intramedullary cavernous hemangioma. J Formosan Med Assoc (Cont Med Edu) 1991;1:75-80.
  2. Wang CJ, Lin YJ, LeeWY, Lin SM:Foramen magnum meningioma—three case report. J Surg Assoc R.O.C. 1993;26(3):1814-1819.
  3. Wang CJ, Kao MC:Surgical Management of Cervical Spondylosis—Anterior approach or posterior approach. (in Chinese) Medicine Gazette of Taipei 1995; 39(7):33-39.
  4. Cavazos JE, Wang CJ, Sitoh YY, Ng SES, Tien RD: Anatomy and pathology of septal region. Neuroimaging Clinics of North America 1997; 7(1):67-78

Conference Papers:

  1. Wang CJ, Tu YK: Intrameduallary cavernous hemangioma. Grand round, Sep 29, 1990, NTUH.
  2. Wang CJ, Lin SM: Foramen magnum meningioma. Annual Meeting and  48th General Scientific Meeting, Surgical Association, Sep 13,1991, Taichung.
  3. Wang CJ, Tseng SH: Arachidonic acid metabolism in brain blood vessels--Implications for pathogenesis and treatment of cerebrovascular diseases. Resident training course, Sep 26, 1991, NTUH.
  4. Wang CJ, Lin SM: Pituitary lymphoma masquarading as adenoma—one case report. Annual Meeting and 49th General Scientific Meeting , Surgical association, p.87, Feb 26,1992, Taipei.
  5. Wang CJ, Kao MC: Brain abscess. Mortality and Morbidity conference, Apr 9,1992, NTUH.
  6. Wang CJ, Lin SM, Hung CC: The thereapeutic effect of megadose steroid in acute spinal cord injury. Neurological society 16th General Congress p.38, Apr 25, 1992, Kaohsiung.
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  15. Wang CJ, Tsai JC, Shun CT, Goldman CK, Gillespie GR:Expression of vascular endothelial growth factory/vasculor permeability factor by meningiomas . The 9th Meeting of Asian-Australasian Congress of Neurologic Surgeon, p.136, Nov 5, 1995, Taipei.


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