Our Nursing Team

At our cancer center, we put special effort into building up a nursing team that is well-equipped to meet the challenges of patient care. We are proud to offer this service at a high nurse-bed ratio (1:5 during the day, 1:8 at night), where nurses are trained to provide holistic bedside and follow-up care through the care management program. We believe that not only should patients undergo continual health education, but the professionals in charge of their care should do so as well.

What is care management?

Our care management program is a direct translation of our hospital's mission and values into practice. We are committed to the 5 rights, to provide the right care, at the right time, with the right providers, in the right setting, at the right price. All of these are facilitated by our care managers.

To streamline our holistic nursing care services, 11 years ago, we pioneered Taiwan's first cancer care management program, serving as a model for institutions in-country and abroad to look to. Cancer patients require a range of care and assistance during both the treatment and the recovery period. This type of close attention cannot be done without patient-centered, multidisciplinary team effort, which unifies expertise on many dimensions of care. For this collaboration to succeed, our care managers serve as liaisons between specialties to ensure that all components seamlessly work together.

Care managers go beyond identifying and addressing the basic needs of patients. Our well-trained team also looks into the social, financial, and psychological circumstances surrounding the illness, for a more comprehensive approach to healthcare. In addition, care managers will make home visits to aid with any family issues and treatment-related questions. With our comprehensive hospital database, they are able to provide timely interventions and effectively address any that arise.

We are encouraged by the number of patients who have been able to celebrate life's major events since the implementation of this model. Over the past few years, with greater patient adherence to treatment and compliance to medication, we have achieved a significantly higher patient survival rate than counterparts in Taiwan and even overseas. The effects of our dedication are also visible in our responsible management of social resources and lower rates of ER visits and unexpected hospitalizations. With a 95% satisfaction rate from patients and staff alike, we are eager to continue moving on our present trajectory towards an even more well-integrated and comprehensive model of care delivery.

Opportunities for Professional Growth 

At weekly meetings, our nursing team gathers together to share updates and deliver presentations on patient cases. This forum allows our staff to pursue further learning through discussion as well as hone their communication skills. We also provide bedside instruction twice a month to enhance their medical knowledge and clinical skills. All nurses are entitled to 32 hours of continuing education for advanced nursing or a higher degree.

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