Our Doctors

Multidisciplinary consult:

United by a strong camaraderie, all of our doctors work closely together and are only a door knock or phone text away from getting an answer to a question, a patient update, or a helping hand onthe floor. Our doctors are familiar with not only their own patients but also those of other departments. The patient-centered dialogues that take place at weekly meetings, multidisciplinary case discussions, and functional meetings are just some of the many ways our doctors stay well-informed of their patients' conditions. Our doctors understand that no discipline is sufficient on its own – it is only through mutual respect and trust that they may achieve their shared goal of serving patients. 

No conflict of interest:

Unlike at other hospitals in Taiwan, our doctors are paid a fixed salary. They choose to work at our cancer center with an appreciation for the core value of putting patients first. Without any pressure to fulfill a quota, our patients are seen for as long as needed and their well-being is the sole consideration for treatment decisions. There is no motivation to drive up patient volume for financial gain. When our doctors see you, you can be assured that they care.

At KF-SYSCC, all of our doctors have extensive experience and expertise in their specialties and deliver care of the highest quality. We are confident that our doctors treat every patient with dignity and compassion. At the same time, we also believe that finding a doctor who is the right fit for you is of utmost importance. Please feel free to browse by name or specialty and get to know our doctors.

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