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Sun Yat - Sen Hospital Executive Physical Examination

The adjusted fee charges take effect on 6/1/2021


1.Blood Examination:

* Complete blood count:RBC、WBC、Hemoglobin、Platelet 、Blood type、Rh factor.ect.

* Biochemistry:Liver function、Renal function、fasting blood sugar、cholesterol、triglyceride、electrolyte ,glycated hemoglobin.(HbA1c)

* Immune:Hepatitis B and C、thyroid function、RPR(syphilis)

2. Urine and Stool Examination:

* Urine:Routine and microscopic exam

* Stool:Routine and immunoassay exam

3. Radiology:

* Chest X-ray:posterior to anterior and lateral views.

If you think you may be pregnant, Chest X-ray will be cancelled.

* Abdominal Ultrasound:liver、gallbladder、pancreas、spleen and kidneys.

4. Complete physical examination:

Height、weight、temperature、pulse、blood pressure(both arms)、head、mouth、eyes、neurologic system、musculoskeletal system、skin、heart、lung、breast、chest、abdomen、reproductive system、prostate《male》、rectal exam and peripheral circulation.

5.Gynecologic exam:Internal exam and Pap smear (Thin Prep Pap test)

No intercourse for three days before your Pap.

6.Ophthalmic examination: Visual acuity, color vision, intraocular pressure, slit-lamp examination.

7.Resting EKG

gender Expense( $NTD)
Female NTD$14,957
Male NTD$12,807


1. For the best arrangement and suggestions, please inform us at the time of scheduling.If the examinee suffers from high blood pressure、heart disease、kidney disease、Parkinson’s disease﹑diabetes、asthma﹑stroke、stomach operation or cancer history.

2. When cancelling a colonoscopy , the bowl prep kits and the replacement meals are not refundable, NTD$ 1,350 will be charged.

3. After the examination﹐a delicious refreshment will be provided at noon in a quiet room.

4. A complete electronic file report will be emailed to you within 4 weeks of your examination. For any questions concerning your report , Please call us at (02)2897-0011 ext. 3205 - 3208.

*Participants will be under intravenous anesthesia. If you opt not to use the anesthesia , the cost of sedation will be deducted. Please note the laxative is non refundable.  For any invasive procedures involving sedation in any degrees, the company and home escort of a family member or friend is required for the sakes of safety.  You may be denied the procedure or will have to reschedule it if you don't have anyone to accompany you home.  

*   Lunch is served on the same floor (rice with four dishes, soup and fruit)

                                        List of Additional Health Examination Items


                                                                                             (Based on updated KFSYSCC fee standards)    

 Appointments are needed for cardiovascular and Low Dose Computed Tomography (LDCT) exams

 PS: 1

* Gastroscopy:esophagus、stomach and duodenum

* Colonoscopy:anus、sigmoid、descending colon、transverse colon、ascending colon and cecum(130 centimeters in total length)and under intravenous anesthesia.

 Lightly lemon flavored laxatives and low-residue meal replacement are provided.

 CO2 Insufflation is used to reduce bloating & abdominal discomfort in endoscopic procedures.

 If a polypectomy was done, air travel should be avoided within a week of the procedure.

 If you think you may be pregnant or there is a possibility you could be pregnant , please do not have a colonoscopy.

 Colonoscopy fees are included with laxatives, the replacement meals and CO2 insufflations.

PS:2 Appointments are needed for cardiovascular exams

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