Understanding Your Results

A complete written report will be mailed to you within 3 weeks of your examination. It is important for you to review the report carefully and follow up on its recommendations. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians to discuss your results. This consultation is free of charge. Please call +886 2 2897-1133 or +886 2 2897-0011 x3225-3228 for an appointment.

A Few More Words on Health Screenings

Health screenings, coupled with regular care by your PCP, are important in preventive care and maintenance of good health.Our screening is designed to be comprehensive with the latest technologies and medical understanding. Please bear in mind, however, that although these tests are highly advanced and developed, they do have limitations and should not be considered infallible. Your report may indicate values falling within normal ranges, but this does not preclude all disease. It is also not advisable to conduct extraneous tests in an effort to get more accuracy, as this actually increases the probability of getting false positive or false negative results. Our recommendation is for you to continue monitoring your health for any irregular changes, as early detection is best performed by patients themselves, and to schedule check-up exams as advised.

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