Before the Exam

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What You Need to Know

  • If you have history of hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, stroke, stomach polyp removal, Parkinson's disease, or cancer, please inform our staff when you make an appointment, so we may provide arrangements and recommendations accordingly.
  • For people with diabetes, please call +886 2 2897-0011 x3205-3208 beforehand to provide us with the name and dosage of your medication. We ask that you do not take this medication on the day of the examination. For people with other major chronic illnesses (e.g. high blood pressure, renal disease, heart disease, cancer), please call +886 2 2987-0011 x3228 beforehand to inform us of all medications in use.
  • For improved test accuracy, please refrain from sexual activity for 3 days before the examination if you are getting the PSA (prostate-specific antigen) test for males or the pap smear for females.
  • For women who are menstruating and have had sexual activity in the past month, or may be pregnant, please carefully consider the following components of the screening process: laxative use, chest X-ray, mammogram, and anesthesia for panendoscopy or colonoscopy. These procedures may affect your pregnancy and the fetus.
  • If you have polyps removed during a panendoscopy or colonoscopy and would like a Certificate of Diagnosis, please contact a staff member the day of to have this completed. If you need to apply for this certificate after the day of the screening, please register at the outpatient clinic to do so.
  • For women aged 40 and above, if you have had a mammogram within the past year, please inform our staff.
  • Due to patient preference, we now use only disposable tissue forceps for biopsies.
  • Patients could choose to use intravenous anesthesia. If you opt not to, we will deduct the corresponding fee. Please note if you choose not to have any panendoscopy or colonoscopy, the laxative you receive in the package is non refundable.  For any invasive procedures involving sedation in any degrees, the company and home escort of a family member or friend is required for the sakes of safety. You may be denied the procedure or will have to reschedule it if you don't have anyone to accompany you home.  

Parking fees on the day of the screening are waived (limit once). Please do not drive if you receive anesthesia for gastrointestinal fibroscopy.

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