I've been coming to SYS hospital since the 90's. I've also been to other hospitals but they don't have the staff friendliness that SYS has. When I come here, I feel I'm not in a zoo but at home.

- K. A.


If it wasn't for the incredibly advanced technology and treatments at the KFSYSCC, in combination with fabulous doctors and a very caring staff, my father would not be with us today. This is a truly unique institution, and should, without any doubt, be placed as one of the top cancer centers of the world. I feel so very very fortunate that my father was treated there, and no words could sufficiently describe how grateful I am to every member of his medical team. 

The interaction and collaboration between doctors was enormously impressive and beneficial, as was the way they kept me involved every step of the way, even across the ocean. With such a terrifying illness as cancer, every bit of encouragement (for patient and family) is hugely impactful, and the manner in which this was handled made ALL the difference for us. They literally kept us going. The KFSYSCC saved my father's life. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. 

- Elissa Lee Koljonen


Eight year ago (2005) when my late husband and I went to the Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center for a second opinion, we were very impressed by how the place resembles a resort and not at all feels or smells like a hospital. I still remember our joy upon the sight of their atrium seated with patients/families and staff enjoying a piano and violin duet. I am glad we heard about the cancer center and chose to go there. All our questions were answered and needs foreseen, which had helped a great deal in that difficult period of our life. I am very grateful to the doctors and the nurses there for memories that are filled with gentle kindness and honest support.      

- L. J. Fenner


Having experienced first-hand treatment as a patient at the Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center Hospital in Taiwan from December 2012 – March 2013, and continuing as an out-patient, I believe that I am in a credible position in which to draw upon my experiences, treatments, observations, feelings, and general social contacts with staff, nurses, other patients and our visitors, to offer my thoughts and insight for the benefit of any concerned parties.

In December of 2012, my condition was rapidly deteriorating and could barely walk and speak. It seemed as though I had been neglected by my own Hong Kong doctors; with one ENT specialist having referred me to the Hong Kong Department of Psychiatry as being "illusory." Nothing could have been further from the truth, and through the efforts of my daughter in Philadelphia, shared my independently taken P.E.T. & C.T. scans with Philadelphia's leading Oncologists, headed by Philly's Dr. Viner.

As a result, it was concluded that my best chance of survival was at the Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center in Taiwan, headed by Dr. Huang (also with Duke University in the U.S.A.). Doctors Huang and Viner, quickly realizing the immediate severity of my esophageal cancerous tumor and its metasticisations, were well aware of the outstanding reputation and leadership at the S.Y.S Cancer Center in Taiwan. I only had weeks of life in front of me and, through the immediate and close cooperation of the aforementioned doctors, plus specialist SYS Doctors Chiou Lun-Wei; Liu Chi-Yung; and Skye Cheng, admission and treatment commenced within one hour of my "visit" to Taiwan. Their international mutual communication and cooperation was remarkable, and I entered into a new dream called "hope."

As a patient, I was well attended and comfortable at the clean and well-organized hospital, and the doctors and staff respectfully and carefully listened to my complaints, ideas, and suggestions. Doctors Cheng, Chiou, and Nelson, especially noted and responded, explaining and delving into every problem raised. There were (and are) times of great pain, and the SYS doctors and nurses took great care to address these horrible effects of my disease. There was always a specialist medical officer immediately on hand when needed, and I was grateful for that too.

The CEO, Dr. Huang, even through his busy daily schedule, always seemed to find the time to daily encourage and check on me, and engage in intellectual conversation. I looked forward to this very much, and always knew what was happening with me, which reduced anxiety. 

The biggest obstacle at the hospital for me was communication, even though it is said that I am fluent in spoken Cantonese. But, I still couldn't communicate vis-à-vis the local dialects. The doctors were all fine with English, but as for the inside staff, I did experience a modicum of frustration. To be afraid for one's life and to live in tight quarters for almost three months is difficult, but at the SYS Cancer Center, it could hardly get any better! I am now into hopeful remission, thanks to Dr. Huang, and his team at the Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center.

Respectfully submitted,

John A. Koljonen - 29th May 2013

P.O. Box 318, Kam Tin, N.T. (Yuen Long)

Hong Kong, S.A.R., China

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