Leadership and the Board

Executive Council

The Executive Council serves as the highest advisory body to the President & CEO within the institution for internal and external affairs. The members oversee major plans, recruitments, and any arising issues.

ANDREW T. HUANG, M.D. – President & CEO

Appointed the first CEO of KF-SYSCC, Dr. Huang returned to Taipei from Duke University where he had been on the faculty for more than thirty years. In 1982, he assumed the rank of Professor of Medicine at Duke, a position he continues to hold. His specialties are Internal Medicine and Hematology/Medical Oncology, with special clinical interest in the organization of multidisciplinary management of cancer. Before his return to Taiwan, he was the Clinical Director of the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center and had served as member (between 1991 and 1994) and chairman (1994) of the advisory committee on cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the American Cancer Society. Since the late 1980s, he has served as Chairman of the Medical Education Forum at the National Health Research Institute and as the Chairman of the National Committee on Quality of Healthcare in Taiwan under the aegis of the Taiwan Department of Health. With his dedication to medical education and healthcare quality, he remains actively involved with the Andrew T. Huang Medical Education Promotion Fund, Duke Colloquium, Medical Accreditation Council (Taiwan), and Duke Global Health Institute. Dr. Huang has published numerous books on medical education and humanism and authored or coauthored more than 100 peer-reviewed papers. He has been the President and CEO of KF-SYSCC since 1998.

YEN-YAO HSIEH, M.D. – Vice President – External and Legal Affairs
VINCENT P. CHUANG, M.D. – Vice President – Research and Development
GERALD TSAI, M.D. – Vice President – Ambulatory and Inpatient Care
  CHI-MING CHEN, M.D. – Vice President – Training of Surgical Oncology Fellows and Expansion Programs
JAMES J. M. JIAN, M.D. – Chief of Staff

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors serves as the dynamic interface between the public and KF-SYSCC to help the hospital fulfill its vision. Composed of leaders in a diverse range of sectors, including health profession, business, media, law, and industry, the Board establishes the mission, vision, and long-range objectives of the organization, which it ensures remains on track to realize these goals. In addition to appointing the President and CEO, it is also responsible for monitoring performance against projections, approving the annual budget, and resolving any special concerns. As a valuable resource for KF-SYSCC, the Directors are governors, sponsors, ambassadors, consultants, and supporters of the institution and all that it represents and seeks to accomplish.

JUI-HUI LIN (Chairman) - Chairman of the Rong-Shing Cultural Foundation, Chief Executive of Sunpak, Director of 宜高投資股份有限公司, Supervisor of Confiance, Honorary Adviser for The Children Charity Association, Consultant for Videoland Television Network 

CHUN-REN SHI, M.D. - Professor Emeritus at ROC National Defense Medical Center, Honorary President of Taiwan Neurosurgical Society, Honorary Member of Japan Neurosurgical Society, Vice President of The Red Cross Society of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

ANDREW T. HUANG, M.D. - President and CEO of the Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center, Chairman of the Andrew T. Huang Medical Education Promotion Fund, Professor of Medicine at Duke University Medical Center

GWO-JAW WANG, M.D. - Visiting Professor at Kaohsiung Medical University, Professor Emeritus at National Cheng Kung University, Professor of Orthopedics at University of Virginia

STANLEY YEN - President of The Landis Hotels & Resorts

LESLIE KOO, M.B.A. - Chairman of Taiwan Cement Company, Chairman of China Synthetic Rubber Corporation

NITA ING - Chairman of Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation, Chairman of Continental Engineering Corporation

YUAN-TSONG CHEN, M.D./Ph.D. - Distinguished Researcher and Head of the Academia Sinica Institute of Biomedical Sciences

KUNG-YEE LIANG, Ph.D. - President of National Yang-Ming University, Academician at Academia Sinica

CORA WANG - CEO of Commonwealth Publishing Group

KWAN-TAO LI, M.B.A./LL.M. - Chief Counselor of Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law, Chairman of Lee and Li Foundation, Director of Far Eastern Medical Foundation, Director of Ying Tjing Ling Medical Foundation, Director of Far Eastern Y. Z. Hsu Science and Technology Memorial Foundation, Director of Far Eastern New Century Corporation, Director of Tai Yuen Textile Company, Supervisor of Yulon Nissan Motor Company, Supervisor of Asia Cement Corporation

CHARLES TSAI, M.D. - Consultant and Gynecologist at Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center

TED HSU, E.M.B.A. - Vice Chairman of Pegatron Corporation, Chairman of ASRock, Chairman of AzureWave Technologies

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