Future Directions

As we reflect on the past couple decades and look to the ones ahead, we envision our cancer center to stand as a leader on the international stage against the threat of cancer. We are eagerly working towards new initiatives that will empower our hospital to have even broader impact – starting with our center and expanding outwards to the global community.

COLT– Center of Learning and Teaching

In 2011, the Center of Learning and Teaching (COLT) was established to foster continual professional development of our medical staff and provide opportunities for those early in their careers to gain hands-on experience. We believe that health professionals have the responsibility of continuously learning and keeping up-to-date with the latest advances. With our resources, we also believe we have a role to play in cultivating the next generation of healthcare leaders and practitioners. Programs offered through COLT are designed to facilitate these goals of rigorous education and training in a comprehensive manner.

As COLT is still a young initiative, we have chosen to first focus our efforts on the nursing and pharmacy fields. We are excited to gradually roll out new programs as they become ready. Some of our initiatives are based at our center, while others are accessible through digital platforms. We are already providing practice-based training to students as they complete their studies and we are in the process of establishing higher certification programs for professionals pursuing the next stage of their careers. Residencies based at our cancer center will equip graduates with the competencies required to handle complex medical situations with humanism and integrity. For those seeking to go a step further and become leaders in their fields, our leadership development programs will provide mentorship and learning opportunities to cultivate critical skills and approaches. In cases where commuting to our center is not viable, distance-based education will eliminate issues of travel and enable far-reaching impact in the community. These digital services will also support on-the-go learning for medical professionals with only a few spare minutes between commitments. Our hope is that COLT will be an innovative engine with solutions to the existing gaps in health education, both near and far.

The Digital Era

It is abundantly clear that we live in an era largely defined by the growing dominance of digital tools. Health care, as with all other aspects of society, has been transformed by this major shift. We embrace the ways digital technology uniquely serves our purposes and provides new vehicles for even more efficient and holistic patient care. Although use of technology sometimes leads to depersonalization, we intentionally adopt only the tools that will support and enhance our patient-centered approach to diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up. When harnessed properly, such technology frees doctors to focus their time and energy on care delivery, rather than on tasks that do not necessarily require their attention. In addition, we anticipate that this digital age will usher in innovative solutions to advance health care to the next level.  

At this time, we are making a big push to complete our full transition to electronic medical records. Paper records are no longer practical in a world where patient information needs to be consulted or updated at moment’s notice, or made available to multiple parties. Digital tools for monitoring patient progress and keeping track of on-shift duties are being explored as well. Our hope is that the IT systems used at our center will bring the myriad components of health care into greater harmony and create a seamless patient experience.  

With the digital world, ideas and possibilities seem boundless. We look forward to the new tools and processes our IT team will be implementing in the near future.

TAP– The Alliance Program

We firmly believe in the power and importance of collaboration. As such, just as we use a cross-disciplinary approach within our hospital, we support a model of working in tandem with other healthcare institutions in Taiwan. We are in the process of establishing a network with local hospitals that will reconfigure the way we deliver care. This program would help address some existing problems in the healthcare system, including rising costs and inefficient use of human capital. Participating providers will share resources and when appropriate, offer patient consultations over digital distance-based platforms. We envision a system where patients go to local hospitals for basic procedures as the first level of care and then come to our cancer center if more specialized, advanced treatment is needed. In this way, patients would receive essential care directly in their community, cutting down on wait and transportation time. Furthermore, our center would be able to focus resources on patients whose health conditions specifically require our expertise. We are optimistic that TAP will unify healthcare providers across Taiwan, streamline the landscape of medical care, and markedly enhance patient experience. 




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